5 Reasons Why Weight Training Is A Life Changer Health and Fitness

5 Reasons Why Weight Training Is A Life Changer

BY Ivan Stoyanov • November 21, 2015
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Are you hitting the gym regularly, but results are not what the mirror reflects? Or, do you need an extra push for going into the world of weight training? Here are 5 summarized reasons why weightlifting is a must and how it will impact your life, and make it better.

#1 Keep Your Body Fit & In Shape

After all, this is why people walk up to the fitness center and ask about the prices. This is the main reason why fitness centers exist! And this is what you should use them for, not for taking selfies!

It matters not whether you want to shake off of the extra fat or put on some muscle - weights will help you! Bodybuilding, stronglifting or even crossfit, these different styles of weight training will aid you towards achieving the dream body. Lifting heavy is proved to: build up muscle mass and strength very effectively and pretty fast; and also burn a lot of calories, for all the gals out there.

Do lift heavy weights if you want to:

  • ​Stronger body
  • Healthier body
  • More defined body
  • Better looking body
  • Over-all more practical body









#2 Lifts The Spirit

Weight training stimulates the production of many hormones. Adrenaline and endorphin are believed to be two of them. Their action greatly improves the state of mind.

It takes just these two hormones to boost your mood, give you a huge wake-up kick and improve your self-confidence. During and after the training you feel alive. (Look how this blogger felt more alive after his family car broke down - Grady P. Brown) All of the above, combined with the "gainz", understand the possitive changes in your body (bigger, stronger, defined muscles), are a huge confidence booster.

#3 Healthier Body

All kind of workout programs usually go hand in hand with nutritional plans. If they don't come in a bundle, soon you'll reach out for the latter by yourself. Why?

After a few weeks into weight training you'll beginn to notice that your body takes longer and longer to recover. After a quick research with Google, the cause will become so obvious. Food. Junk food and unbalanced meals are a gainz killer, forget the gains, they kill your body, slowly. With that said, it's just a matter of time to find yourself following a nutritional plan and cooking by yourself. That in it's place is a life changer!

In few months time expect:

  • Increased hemoglobin levels
  • More stable blood pressure
  • Calmer pulse, which means stronger heart
  • Much more, that you'll find yourself

#4 Healthier Body Pt.2

Every type of workout program includes few compound exercises, such as bench press, squat, dead lift, barbell rows, etc, which will greatly benefit your body's health.

As said before, weight training makes your body more practical. What's more, it makes you better at everyday tasks, i.e. picking some heavy pots from below or pushing something over your head. How, you'd say? Well, you'll be doing a lot of everyday-like activities in the gym, but summarized in exercises, which require different techniques to be performed. Once you grasp these techniques, you'll find yourself in a all-around better body. Your spinal health, joint health and tendons health will increase. Some exercises are known to stimulate the work of the immune system, excellent, right?

#5 Social Life Boost

Going to a fitness center is a huge social life booster! All these trainees, instructors and receptionists, so much possibilities.

The ways you can make friends is infinite. Say hello to the sexy protein-making-receptionist and chat her/him up. Ask someone for help, then offer it back, meanwhile get to know your new friend better. Simply walk up to someone and say "Hi!". All you have to do is make sure you're not interrupting someone's workout. This is important when making friends in the gym!

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