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5 tips to prevent loss of data

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 16, 2015
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It feels terrible when we have to lose our data due to some machine formatting issues. The computer might not work properly all the time and the issues bothering the user must be fixed. At times, the fixing of the error costs the users with a loss of critical data. When we save some important documents in the computer, we do not really foresee any such issues that may require the machine to be formatted thoroughly. This leads to the permanent deletion of data. You cannot recover stuff once the system gets formatted.

Every technology user is scared of their hard drive crashing.  We all are well aware of the consequences of data loss but choose to remain ignorant about preventing the same.

Listed below are some ways of preventing the loss of critical data from the system.

  • Always get the Backup: There is no substitute to it. You do not have to feel bothered about anything as such when you know that all your important stuff is well restored in some other machines or pen drives or another hard disk. While taking the backup, you must look ahead to check the backup by copying it twice. It will take a lot of time to complete the task.
  • Classification is necessary: Not all data is same. This is one of the most common mistakes which we commit. Classify all your data with utmost sincerity. Some may be confidential whereas others may be casual. After classifying all the data properly, you may carry on with your stuff. This is an effective way of preventing the loss of critical data.
  • Save your mail attachments differently: Do not leave them in the Downloads section. Create a new folder and save them there. This way, you can keep a track of all the attachments you have received. Often, if the drive has a file with the same name, it automatically replaces the old file by the new one. The old file gets removed permanently. This is why, it gets all more important to save each attachment in a unique place.
  • Save files in different drives: The ‘word files’ should not be saved in the same drive. The Operating System is the first to get affected when the system is attacked by virus. In such situations, the Operating System is formatted and reinstalled. This leads to the loss of all the data that you had stored in the drive.
  • Static electricity discharge: Surges in static electricity may lead to the loss of data from your system. The storage media is becoming more vulnerable by the day to the static discharge. Hence you need to beware of this tough-to-ignore factor.


These are some important steps that should be implemented by each and every individual working on the computers for preventing the loss of critical data. Nothing can be done once the data gets formatted. Hence, you must not waste any more time and start pondering your attention upon following the aforementioned tips. 

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