7 ways to have a healthy Spine Health and Fitness

7 ways to have a healthy Spine

BY 733 back • November 25, 2015
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Need a Chiropractor for Back Pain treatment? Back pain is very common these days. Being an experienced chiropractor myself I can tell that every Chiropractic Clinic Barrie is overflowing with appointments for back pain treatment and demand of orthotics for back pain relief.

Though once you start suffering from chronic back pain, you have to visit a chiropractic clinic to get the right treatment. But there are a few things chiropractors suggest to avoid back pain.

Avoid wearing tight belts

Tight belts and highly restrictive clothing can lead to compression of the nerves leading to numbness and pain in the back and the front and the outer thighs. Wear a belt with moderate fit. Always loosen your belt while sitting. Avoid tight fit denims, trousers and skirts too.

Choose your shoes carefully

“You cannot jump for stars if your feet hurt” ~ Dan Brown.

Now we all know that choosing the right shoes are very important for the feet but did you realize it’s equally important for your posture and your spine.

Avoid wearing high heels for a long duration, always wear what fits and feels comfortable for your feet. Neither too tight nor too loose shoes are good for your feet and spine.

Take care of your posture while sitting

Whether you are a working professional, a housewife or a freelancer, you have to spend a few hours in a chair everyday. Make sure to sit in the right posture on the chair. Don’t slouch or lean in your chair. Take a break from your chair every hour so that blood flows through your body properly and the load on your spine gets divided.

Also teach your kids the right sitting posture as they spend a lot of time on chair in their school and at home studying, working on projects and watching TV or playing video games.

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Do stretching and ab exercises

This is a must for everyone and at every age. Exercise keeps you fit and makes your back strong and flexible.

Stretching exercises, ab exercises and yoga are highly recommended to keep your spine healthy.

For the best exercises suitable for your spine consult a chiropractor. If back pain starts or persists stop the workout.

Get a massage

Let all your stress and tension dissolve away with a nice massage. Massage relaxes you, releases tension out of your body and strengthens your back.

Try to get a massage at least on weekends. If you cannot afford a spa treatment, get a masseuse or ask someone at home to help you with the massage. Be sure to return the favor :).

Use proper mattress and pillow when sleeping

In today’s busy world, while we give importance to all the other activities, we forget to get proper rest. Sleep is your body’s way of relaxing, recovering and rejuvenating. The role of the right mattress and pillow is very important to attain a good night’s sleep. Pick one that’s not too squishy or too hard. Also try following a routine for sleep.

Diet - Vit B12 and Vit D and calcium

A healthy body is all about a healthy diet and this is no different for a healthy back. Avoid excess caffeine and processed foods and eat more whole grains, soy, nuts and seeds, protein (chicken, fish, lean meat), vegetables, and fruit. Make sure your diet has a sufficient intake of vit B12 and calcium. Take a walk in morning to fulfill the needs of vit D.

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We hope these tips will help you avoid back pain and maintain overall good health. If you ever need to visit a chiropractic clinic , make sure it’s the best one available with an experienced chiropractor.

Author Bio:
Dr. Ronald T. Linzner B.Sc., D.C. has been a chiropractor for Back Pain in Barrie, Ontario since his graduation in 1996. He has an interest in the feet and gait and their effect on the spine and is experienced in diagnosing and correcting problems with your gait. He designs custom orthotics and orthopedic shoes. If you are not sure if it is a chiropractic problem ask. He will be happy to let you know.

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