Australia - a country with hoard of migration options Legal

Australia - a country with hoard of migration options

BY Adewale Oladejo • November 25, 2015
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Australia offers a plethora of opportunities and scope for professionals who aim to build a remarkable career for themselves. The immigration services Melbourne put forth a galore of options for people considering migration to Australia for finding decent job options. With multiple programs for immigration, Australia can define itself as an ideal country for working and living.

Historical records:

If you go by the historical records, it is said that the first time migrants came to Australia, was long back in the 17th century. This process culminated in Australia in 1788 when the British colonization took place. Australia was pronounced as a Commonwealth in the year 1901. This was the beginning of immigration services Melbourne in the country. Since then, there has been no looking back and Australia has been expanding its population through immigration. During the time duration between 1788 and 1901, Australia concentrated more on expanding its population and letting in more migrants. It overlooked the issues of considering the skill-level of the migrants.

Australian Programs for Migration:

Australia longs for skilled professionals to be a part of their country. To attract people from across the globe, it tempts them with their lower costs of living, better salaries and pay scales and a comfortable working environment. Nowadays there are various migration consultant who offer advices and information about the kind of migration programs available. All the migration programs are generally 4-year long which may further lead to permanent residency too. The kinds of visa options available are:

  • Travel Visa;
  • Business Visa;
  • Family Visa;
  • Temporary Work Visa;
  • Skilled Visa;
  • Student Visa, etc.

Most of these are temporary visas and do not provide a chance of permanent residence in Australia. But some of these visas provide a future scope of permanent residency.

Migration Programs for Skilled people:

This is the most common and popular option for migrants looking for settling a career in Australia. The Skilled Migration Programs allows immigrants to stay in the country as long as they require for work-related purposes. The only requirement that matters if you want this visa is that you need to possess a skill in any working sector of the industry. You need to be skilled enough to qualify for getting this visa. The target audience of this program is skilled people who can further benefit Australia with their skills.

Humanitarian Program for people who seek asylum:

People who have faced grave exploitation of their human rights are offered this program. This program aids those people, who only have an option of resettling in another country as their own country defies them of their rights.

Policy for illegal immigrants:

This program works as per the Australian Migration Act, where illegal immigrants or people who enter the country without permission or any visa-holder who overstays in the country after their expiry of their visas can be deported or be given immigration detention instantly. This is also one of the other reasons why a Migration consultant should be consulted as they know about all the nitty-gritty of immigration.

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