Enjoy Healthy Japanese Dining by Minding Certain Health Tips Food and Drink

Enjoy Healthy Japanese Dining by Minding Certain Health Tips

BY Jone karry • November 25, 2015
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Japanese food is Healthy and spectacular. Everybody cannot enjoy the taste of cuisines originated in the far eastern part of the continent of Asia. It is said quite often that you need to grow a taste for Japanese food. Otherwise, it does not come quite naturally to you. When it is liked, it is liked for the nascent rawness of its ingredients.

While having Japanese food, your stomach is exposed to the healthiest elements from nature, served to you in the most unadulterated form. Nature’s blessings are presented to you in the most natural colors and flavours that reflect the very essence of food rejuvenating brain and mind.

If you are a Japanese food connoisseur, probably there is no need to tell you how deliciously tempting every cuisine from this nation are. However, while enjoying a great session of Japanese dining in Wellington, you can fork out the maximum amount of nutrition from the platter while rejecting a few of the elements of high calorie or fat. If you are one of the health conscious people who do not want to stuff them with any element in excess, read on to note down the additional health factors about healthy Japanese cuisines.

  1. Select a healthy salad instead of an appetizer. The multiple options from which you can choose one includes Seaweed salad, cucumber salad, a house salad, etc. If in the menu, the dressings (for the salad platter) include adjectives with the words like “creamy”, ”cheesy”, do a further inquiry about the ingredients that go into the dish. Make sure, all those elements are low on fat and carbohydrate. A cafe & bar in Wellington should entertain that keeping in mind the choice of their clients.


  1. Miso soup is considered to be one of the healthiest appetizers in the wide stock of Japanese cuisines. This dish is stocked with a high level of fatty acids and antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, etc. The nutritional elements present in this soup reduce the possibility of breast cancer among women. All the major Wellington cafe & bar serving Japanese food serve this soup.


  1. Any sushi lover must have researched diligently to find out effective information on certain basic sushi dishes that most Japanese restaurants offer. Any sushi prepared only with vegetarian elements can be considered as vegan sushi. The cucumber maki sushi is enlisted among the vegetarian and vegan sushi. Fish is high on Omega-3 fatty acids. So, sushi prepared with fish is undoubtedly quite a nutrition heavy dish. However, you should keep distance from sushi served at certain Japanese cafe & bar in Wellington as they contain mayonnaise.


In general, Japanese cuisines often contain refined carbohydrate on a high level. In order to plan a healthy Japanese dinner, you should avoid white rice that is always quite high on calorie. 

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