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Is There a Market for Smartbands?

BY Akash Gupta • November 26, 2015
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We are today surrounded by gadgets to the extent that there isn’t one area of our life where technology hasn’t managed to extend its hands. Yes, technology has almost become pervasive in the sense that, today, people vie with each other to hold and own the latest gadgets with specifications, which would be the neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride. Although gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, along with laptops are often seen as necessities, these constitute a very small part of the actual gadget market out there. The gadgets available today would make a yesteryear person marvel at the extent and scope to which people have come to enslave technology for one’s own purpose.

One of the common gadgets today, among the wearables, is undoubtedly smart bands. These are small bands that have been around since way before the more expensive and well developed smartwatches came into being. Even today, after all these years, many brands are coming out with smart bands, and dedicated brands exist too that exclusively release smart bands, rather than diversifying out into other different latest gadgets with specifications worth flaunting, such as smartphones and tablets.

However, maybe it is time to ask one the harsh question - is it time to cut down? Is it time to finally cut down on all the crazy technology that seems to be enslaving us, instead of things being the other way around? In fact, people are questioning about whether there really is a market for smart bands out there. The fact is, today nearly every device, whether a smartphone or a smartwatch, all come with health and fitness apps. Hence, these have made the very concept of a smart band redundant.

According to the latest gadget news, the sale of smart bands is flailing. Despite various brands coming out with cheap and effective smart bands that are light weight, easy to use and also affordable, sales are not reflecting the same enthusiasm as they did once upon a time.

The market for smartwatches itself is proving to be so limited and in the midst of that, another even more minimalistic add-on device such as s smart band doesn’t stand much of a chance really. Various brands even try to diversify, such as Jawbone, which came out with the cheapest smart band in the history of smart bands, yet it didn’t really click. Not to say that far more expensive options, the price range of which would even cover a smartphone, aren’t available. However, nowadays, since even smartwatches are coming designed for fitness freaks, with wick repellent straps and water resistant dials, it makes sense to simply opt for a smartwatch instead.

So, it is maybe time for smart bands to face reality and decide as to whether or not there is really a market for them out there. According to the latest gadget news, with smartwatches becoming increasingly common, perhaps the tide is in favour of smartwatches today and is more against smart bands than it ever was.

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