Keep cancer at bay with these 5 anti-cancer diet measures Health and Fitness

Keep cancer at bay with these 5 anti-cancer diet measures

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 16, 2015
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Cancer has no answer. This is probably one statement that we hear most of the times in situations where families lose their members to this dreadful disease. Those who have got a family history of cancer might feel a bit lighter while going through this article.

It has been suggested by several evidences and experiments that the risk of this life threatening disease can be reduced to quite an extent by bringing some necessary modifications in our regular lifestyle. The best way of starting the series of changes is to check what you are putting into your mouth.

A diet which is rich in plant foods can prevent the body from generating the cancer cells. The food fiber basically lowers the estrogen levels in the body and thereby reduces the risk of cancer. Those who consume low-fat products on a regular basis are better protected. It is always necessary to maintain a healthy diet for the prevention against the life threatening disease such as cancer.

Here are some facts that you may consider following in order to prevent Cancer.

  • Garlic: If you have been purchasing the supplements of ginger that are sold in the health stores all this while, you should stop doing that ASAP. Garlic cloves work wonders in increasing the level of immunity in your body. Chop the garlic cloves and keep them that way for almost 15 minutes before cooking. The 15 minutes time is utilized for the activation of the healthy enzymes that are present in ginger.
  • Berries: Berries are rich in flavonoids. If you do not know what flavonoid means then you will be delighted to come across to the fact that these flavonoids have high anti-cancer properties in them. Try to indulge into strawberries, mulberries and other local berries whenever you get time. Tomatoes and pomegranate are also berries. Eat them raw and take in the carotenoids present in them.
  • Tea: If you love the idea of drinking a few sips of tea throughout the day then there is some good news for you. All the 3 kinds of tea- oolong, black and green are enriched with good sources of flavonoids. These flavonoids prevent women against breast cancer.
  • Spices: The power of spices reduces the risk of death caused by cancer and this is a proven fact. There are several spices out there which have various heath beneficial properties. Turmeric is one of the spices that fights against the several drug-resistant forms of breast cancer.
  • Cruciferous vegetables: Make sure to fill up your platter with vegetables belonging to the cruciferous family. Eat plenty of cabbages and broccoli which are high in phytochemicals. These generate the production of a protective enzyme which prevents the formation of cancer cells in the body. For getting maximum benefits, eat them raw.


These are some of the tricks of keeping cancer at bay. Make sure to include all of these rich fibers in your diet list and take a pledge towards creating a cancer-free world.


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