Lead Generation Through CTAs that Make it Rain Leads Business

Lead Generation Through CTAs that Make it Rain Leads

BY nisha gosby • December 08, 2015
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You’re ready to advance on to the oh-so-important call-to-action. Without a CTA, people don’t know what to do, right?

And a bad CTA is about as useful to your sales funnel as no CTA at all. So, what are the new rules for CTAs?

The Top 3 Lead Generation Rules for CTAs

rule #1 – Place your CTA where it is clearly visible.

All important content should be placed ‘above the fold’, and this includes your CTA. Above the fold simply means the area of the page that can be seen without having to scroll down.

Heat map studies have proven a few important things about how people consume a web page.

From these studies, it is estimated that any content ‘below the fold’ will only be consumed by about 50% of your audience. You want a better than 50% shot at someone seeing your CTA, right?

People also read a web page from left to right in a backward S shape. They start at the top with your header and navigation bar, then drop down to the next level of content and circle back to the left side of the page.

Keep this pattern in mind when placing your CTAs on the page.

rule #2 – Be specific.

Be crystal clear in your offer. Don’t try to be cute or clever here at the expense of telling the prospect exactly what you are going to give them and how it will benefit them.

For example, if you are giving away a free ebook, simply say, “Download our FREE ebook on x.”

If you are hosting a free webinar, your CTA could read, “Register now for our FREE webinar on x.”

If you are not specific enough and just say, “Download now.” or “Register here.” you just won’t receive as many clicks.

CTA rule #3 – Make CTAs pop off the page.

Okay, okay, ‘make it pop’ is truly one of the most over-used marketing terms, but it applies here!

The CTA is the single-most important element on your page, so you gotta make it shine. Use contrasting colors to get as many eye balls as possible on it. Also, be sure the button appears clickable so prospects have no doubt what to do next to proceed.

Okay, so now you’ve got the top three rules for creating CTAs that work. Now, let me ask you, do you have the high-converting, proven-to-sell product to go along with it?

Your product must rock or all the work you put into creating and placing those CTAs won’t get you anywhere.

Not confident that your product will fly off the virtual shelves?

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