London food trends 2015 Food and Drink

London food trends 2015

BY Rommani Chatterjee • November 16, 2015
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Festivals are all about commemorating the precious moments of life with friends and food. Check out some of the trends to be explored in London Restaurant Festival 2015.

A visit to the British capital is synonymous to embracing a truly eclectic eccentricity. This city proudly welcomes more than millions of visitors who come over to experience this ethereal beauty from all around the world. It is one of the few cities in the world that truly deserves to be a benchmark of a plethora of exquisite sightseeing attractions, fun-filled activities and many other aspects that you would absolutely love to indulge into during the holiday break. Apart from roaming around the English capital for checking out the brilliant tourist hotspots, you may consider to ponder some of your attention on the various food tours and menus that form a part of the London Restaurant Festival.

The city of London experiments with foreign cuisines. It is because of its enriching diversity in population that so many restaurants and food joints have opened their branches in and around the city. You can get the taste of any culture right here in London. The food tours do absolutely justice to the city’s thriving food culture.

Some of the food trends of London city have been mentioned below which you may consider going through for getting a better understanding

  • Japanese food: There are several streets in London having a Wasabi or Itsu on display with the packed Sushi. London is home to Nobu and this clearly depicts that the English city is truly big on Japanese cuisines. It offers the visitors to try some of the delectable Japanese stuff which they have never tasted anywhere else.
  • Chinatown: London has its own Chinatown and this year the Chinatown tours are offering the visitors with an opportunity to visit 6 Chinatown restaurants in one day. Some restaurants will offer crafted food while others will lay out buffets. The menu mainly comprises of fried chicken, sesame toasts and greasy noodles.
  • Tapas: If you are more into trying the Spanish cuisines then make sure to try out the tapas menus at the London restaurants like Iberica, Copita and Camino. The London Restaurant Festival has hosted various tapas trail for a couple of years now. Tapas have truly become an important aspect of eating out in other countries along with Spain.


These are some of the London food trends that are doing the rounds this year. You must consider checking out some of them during your visit to the English capital. 

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