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What to Expect at the Best Erotic Massage Spa

BY Aleena Jasus • June 19, 2017
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The phrase erotic massage entails two of the most exciting and at the same time interesting words for most people. The word massage conjures the feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation and involves the gentle rubbing of the skin, the underlying tissues and finally the muscles beneath. The process is sure to revive the circulation of the blood and also drain the toxin out of the area, restoring the healthy metabolism. Erotic on the other hand is associated with the feelings of sensuality and delving deep into feelings of fantasy that was hitherto not explored. The Best Erotic Massage Spa in Seattle is one that is sure to offer a combination of both.

Beginning the journey

For most people, it is a sensual journey that begins with the bodily pleasures and ends with the something more than that.

  • It can be described more as an experience where it all begins with the correct ambiance with sweet fragrance, dim lights and soothing music.
  • These factors in themselves are most conducive in triggering off the erotic sense in you that is the beginning of the journey.
  • Once you are relaxed and dressed comfortably in the spa setup, it is time for the masseur to begin the massage.
  • There will be gentle strokes and rubbing over the different parts of the body, speeding or slowing as and when needed.
  • The tension in the muscles gradually disappears, and a feeling of relaxation takes over your body and mind as it is rid of all tensions too.

The erotic takes over

Once you have reached this stage, begins the simulation to take you to the erotic stage. This is when the massage to activate the sex nerves take over. Depending on whether you are a male or a female, the expert masseur will concentrate on the hidden nerve areas and also the sex organs. In the case of the females, it usually begins with the neck area and moves on to the breast and the nipples. This is sure to set your body on fire already so far the arousal of the sexual desires is concerned. It will then move on to the inner parts of the thighs and finally the pelvic area and the vagina.

The culmination stage

In the case of the male, after the pelvic nerves are touched upon, it is the genitals and their gentle rubbing that is sure to help you to climax. Every sex tissue and muscle during the Erotic Massage in Seattle is manipulated in a way such that they are capable of reaching their maximum potential. This way you can reach the peak of your sexual desire and also the ultimate feeling of orgasm. What makes this massage special is that the body is first rid of the all the physical and mental tension. The sexual eroticism is then gradually triggered.

This way there is a complete release of the inner energies purging both the body and mind of all the pent up energies. The mind and the body become on united whole helping you to be your best for several days to come. You are sure to have a better mental proposition, exploit your emotion better and improve relationships in general.

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