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Why E-book is preferred over Hard copy

BY Selena Wilson • December 15, 2016
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Reading is being made easier and accessible today in the different developed and developing countries. Laptops, e-readers, phones and tablets are being used to read content. As we desire to accumulate knowledge and speed up our activities so are the devices made to manage the pace. E-book is replacing hard copy in some areas and at certain times.

 Any article or document read using electronic devices is termed as e-book. Today many books/articles are being provided in an electronic way apart from the printed version. E-readers are being manufactured specifically for this purpose. You don’t need to walk from shop to shop looking for a given type of book; you can simply use e-reader.

Why E-book is preferred over Hard copy

Most of us love doing things fast and to handle different things at the same time and in a shortest time possible. Electronic books are preferred over hard copy due to the following reasons

Saves space. First and for most e-books save space in our homes which would be been consumed by the printed copies. This helps to utilize the space for other purposes.

Mobility. You can always move with an e-book to all your destinations. There is no heavy weight on the baggage and this makes you comfortable and relaxed.

E-books are better than the printed copies due to their volumes. With e-books, you can never feel the heavy weight of handling a book for example an oxford dictionary.

Saves paper and trees. Saving nature has to be part of us and using e-books is part of it. Trees are saved and paper used for other important things.

Better for certain jobs. Trust me literature is a wide field, authors and writers need them to make their work easy and interesting.

E-books make studies easy and interesting. A literature student will not have to wary about carrying a novel wherever he/she goes, most students are fond of their gadgets and this makes their studies enjoyable.

Easy reference. You can always refer to an e-book at any time without taking a lot of time and having to look for a book.

E-libraries. E-libraries are helping to reduce congestion and long lines in schools and public libraries. You can access the book you want on your laptop to reduce the chaos.

The future of E-books

There is a growing need for e-books though most of us are unaware about it and it will help reduce the difficulties that we face today in learning systems. It is widely known that western countries are the leading users of e-books and we also know that habits spread from there to other continents.

Most of them know what it really means to use electronic devices for e-reading because it not only saves time but makes reading accessible and easy.


E-book is one of the easy ways that has made reading skills change as the world changes. You do not need to wait for a book to be shipped into your country to start reading.

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