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BY Aditya Mohan • December 04, 2015
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Cell phones have become an essential part of our routine life nowadays. Only a few years back these little chunks of technology were used to make a call only but with the advancement of  time technology has expanded its role in our lives. Now it has emerged as a symbol of lifestyle.


There is a huge number of cell phone brands all over the world. Not only the cell phones are in demand but cell phone accessories are also in trend. People want to choose accessories of their own taste. Be it  wrap up case with built in screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note or universal touch C magic sticker or Wireless bluetooth handsfree speakerphone or lcd glass digitizer and so on.   



Among all other accessories there is an accessory which is very much useful for photography and that is fisheye macro wide angle lens. It is an ultra wide angle lens which is used to generate visual distortion. It is primarily used to create beautiful panoramic images which is not possible to capture with an ordinary lens.


Photographers use this sort  of lens so that they can shot  clean close-up of a distant object also. Astronomers and computer graphic designers too prefer this nowadays.  In many planetariums this item is on priority now. It has become a favorite of Foresters, biologists and environmentalists also.




This is how a cell phone has become an unavoidable thing. You can find cell phone accessories online also.There are a lot of online stores where one can easily collect accessories of its own choice.

To get more detail regarding various accessories and its prices you can click here:

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